Hardcore Kid

"Hey, dudes. Hardcore Kid here. Hardcore enough to review kids stuff."

The Hardcore Kid aka Brandon Nichols is an internet reviewer who is known for his series "Hardcore Kids Movies" in which he reviews animated movies as well as his controversial "Smegged Up YouTube Failure" lists where he lists off some of the worst channels on YouTube. His trademark is his black sunglasses, leather jacket and Ramones (or occasionally AC/DC) T-shirt. He is armed with his famous Guitar Bazooka (A Rock Band Guitar that can shoot blue lazers and firey bullets with deadly purple flames). He is also a fan of the robot combat show Robot Wars and has competed at several events with a fleet of robots. One of his robots, D12, is a comic relief in some videos as well as his tea drinking British roommate, Mr. British Guy. The Hardcore Kid started his series in June of 2009 where he first reviewed "Rock n Roll High School". After reviewing several movies and television episodes, he made his first big hit with the Top 7 Smegged Up Video Gamers" in March of 2010. He would go on to create the "Top 10 Smegged Up YouTube Failures" in June of that same year and make two more in January of 2011 and June of 2012.

In November of 2010, The Hardcore Kid was picked up by Reviewers Unknown.

The Hardcore Kid's reviews can be found at or on his Reviewers Unknown page: