FanFic Critic Holding the Razor at Lesbian Jesus

From FanFic Critic Episode 180: "Timeless Lust"

The FanFic Critic is a fanfiction critic driven into insanity by reading bad fanfiction. She officially lost her marbles in FanFic Critic Episode 08: "The Spongebob Marathon!" Since then, she has struggled with her insanity. She even killed her room mate, third cousin, and friend, Susan in a fit of rage in FanFic Critic Episode 55: "The Top Ten FanFic Critic Freak Outs". Because of her actions, Susan went insane upon being brought back to life by the FanFic Critic herself. Because of this, the FanFic Critic used the Dragon Balls to erase Susan's memories of the incident. Although Susan found out about her death, she has forgiven the FanFic Critic. Despite Susan's forgiveness, the FanFic Critic struggles to forgive herself for what she had done. This struggle is on-going in the show.

Other Characters

Creepy Susan in the Door

From the two-year anniversary episode.

Susan is the third cousin of the FanFic Critic. Before officially showing up in FanFic Critic Episode 34: "Barney vs. Pokemon", Susan had her own short-lived web show called The Sequel Critic. The web show only had three episodes and was cancelled by the FanFic Critic herself. Susan was not at all happy with the decision at first but she eventually admitted that the show was awful and that she probably would've cancelled it herself soon enough.

Susan's relationship with the FanFic Critic is that of sisterhood. Despite the fact that the FanFic Critic murdered her in FanFic Critic Episode 55: "The Top Ten FanFic Critic Freak Outs", Susan has forgiven her and is trying to help the FanFic Critic with her constant struggle with her insanity.

After being forced to kill a possessed FanFic Critic in FanFic Critic Episode 140- The ComicsNix Challenge 3: "End-Game", Susan has undergone some drastic changes. She got her memories of being killed by the FanFic Critic back courtesy of Lesbian Jesus in a vain attempt to make the FanFic Critic forgive herself. Since this, Susan seems to be acting "off". The cause is unclear. It's either because of her trauma of having her memories back or it's the guilt and trauma over taking her best friend's life. Perhaps it's a mixture of both...


XArcangelAssassinX in FanFic Critic Episode 143.

XArcangelAssassinX is a gamer who is currently trying to launch a webseries of her own. XArcangelAssassinX is also a friend to the FanFic Critic. She is also known as "Sparky", the first person to write a fanfic about the FanFic Critic.

Although she is a good friend of the FanFic Critic, she isn't well liked by Susan. This is mainly because of all of the hijinx XArcangelAssassinX gets the FanFic Critic into.

Lesbian Jesus

Lesbian Jesus

Lesbian Jesus is a Goddess who probably offends anyone whose homophobic. Lesbian Jesus is the main reason why Susan has her memories back. She is also the reason why the FanFic Critic is still alive.

She first appeared on another fanfic reviewing show hosted by the YouTuber called Aliento.

Her first appearance on FanFic Critic was Episode 140.

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